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October 6, 2013

Wise Voters only vote Candidates of Virtues

Being wise means you’re foreseeing the future and acting today depending on what you want your future to result to.

Placing people on the position means entrusting the future or at least the next years or so of our country to that person you cast your vote for. If you are wise enough, you would filter only those who can prove their abilities and substantiate their virtues. This may be hard, especially if we are not well-versed yet with a candidate, as in the case of the fresh ones, and difficult too if we have not heard any accomplishment, as in the case of an old candidate who continues to pursue or retain a government post.

Wise voters only vote candidate of virtues and for sure, wise voters have their way of identifying who are these men and women of integrity who will not trade their virtues in exchange of the promise of wealth and position. Wise voters will not waste their single vote for an undeserved politician.

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