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December 3, 2013

Why is FB Addictive?.

Why is Facebook addictive? I am counting the reasons.

Long before there was Friendster, I have already gauged that it a user won’t learn to control his urge to use Facebook – since registering means using it – then at least he must set a time limit on how long he would go online while logged to the said social netwroking sites from entirelypets

Because if there would be no discipline, then chances are you would reallt be an addict to it.

I wonder why, because on my point of view, I have not been so addicitive to Friendster before or Facbook now. Yes I use it, but I dont spent hours on it. For in so doing, I am killing my precious time and lingering on stuffs that would not really make me productive, only entertained. But would I find entertainment with it?

If you are one of them, ponder on it than wonder.
Are you a kind of person who visits almost all of your friend’s profiles to see what has been happening to them? Or are you the kind who loves to spend hours posting comments, tagging photos, etc.?

What makes you an addict to FB? If you can still help it, then be determined. It’s not always where your day should revolve around. There are much more ways to be entertained than through FB.

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