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October 8, 2013

What If Your Wife Earns More?

It kills most guys’ ego that they are being dictated what to do – something that is not supposed be that way. But if we trace the reasons why some husbands are the ones submitting rather than their wives, one probable reason is money matter. Sometimes, women earn more than their men do, and this sort of makes some wives think they are authorized to rule over their husbands. This is totally wrong.

It is customary that the men are the main providers even when the women have their own jobs too. But not because they are the providers mean they are the authority. These are two responsibilities innate in their blood. Therefore, not because women earn ore will they dominate a man when it comes to decision-making etc.

Respect is best shown to a partner if you practice doing it the way you both agreed. Wives who earn more should not take advantage of such by being the boss. For always, it should be the men.

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