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August 12, 2013

Thoughts on Love: Incompatibility

They say that in order for two people to have a lasting relationship with fewer arguments, they have to be compatible. They need to have the same interests, same preferences in chosing friends, same hobbies, etc. Or else, the relationship has more chances of ending up into break-ups.

What really happens when someone cannot bear his/her partner’s attitude or tolerate his/her behavior which is exactly contrary to how the other behaves? Will it be the start of deep disputes? IF a partner is not at any inch glad with the activities that his/her partner does, will they even have a common ground to profoundly discover each other and appreciate each other’s whole being?

Incompatibility is an issue that needs to be resolved by partners. Yes some actually has no conflict when dealing with the differences i heir character or hobbies, but maybe they have not realized yet that it is also difficult.

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