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December 10, 2011

There’s A System Available That Will Help You To Actually Be Smarter

We all wish we could be a little bit smarter;some of us even wish we could be a good deal smarter. The makers of the ZOX Pro Training System are desiring to teach you the most effective way to unlock your brain’s potential and actually be smarter. Is it achievable to train your brain into a smarter brain? Is making your brain smarter possible? Does this system truly do what it says it will do? We thought we’d find out by taking a closer look at the system so that we can help you decide if you want to get it.

The chief idea behind the ZOX system is teaching your brain to be smarter by reading faster. In essence, the program is one that teaches you how to speed read through, well, just about everything. The technique you learn for your speed reading is known as Memory Photography and is supposed to teach you how to mentally photograph whole pages for later recollection.

For a lot of students, the hardest area of the entire learning process is being able to sit and read all of the reading they are assigned and then recall it afterward. This is especially true for students who have learning impairments like dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. This is a system that is designed to help you with the reading aspect of your learning process. Essentially, you can learn to read entire articles or even entire books in just a few minutes. If you follow the ZOX Pro Training System closely, you’ll be able to read much faster and recall what you’ve read afterward. This offers students who aren’t good readers quite a boost to their self-esteem.

The ZOX Pro Training System was designed by Dr. Richard Welch and is adapted from a book that was penned by Shannon Panzo. Dr. Welch has spent over three decades studying the brain and how it functions and retains information. He took all of this experience and combined it with the theories and ideas in Panzo’s book and built the Memory Photography system. It all looks very good on paper.

The ZOX system itself isn’t inexpensive. The ZOX Pro Training System is currently selling for a little less than two hundred dollars but for that $200, you get a variety of learning modules to help you work through the system as well as a few bonus materials to help you put what you have learned in the course to further use. So if you think that videos, audio files, lessons and eBooks are worth that amount you will probably think the selling price is reasonable.

Our chief problem with the course is that being able to read something quickly is all fine and good but that doesn’t necessarily make you smarter. Learning how to process and grasp what you have read is what will help you get further in school and life. Even though, admittedly, if you have difficulty getting through the reading primarily you’ll probably have trouble with everything else. In this case, the ZOX Pro Training System can be a wonderful tool to have handy.

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