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November 4, 2013

The Homeless’ Daily Survival.

How pathetic it is to see homeless people… even if they can afford an exceptional selmer shop mouthpiece for sale at wwbw

A lot of our folks from different remote provinces tried their luck in this bustling region and fell on the sleazy slums. The other aboriginal inhabitants did the same, only to disembark on the streets as their homes.
Pitiful indeed.

The homeless people survive each day but they don’t actually live. Their lives seem useless even when they own a name. Unfortunate as they are, they live only to survive each day. For food, they exhaust every appalling means to beg – inside the jeepneys with their envelopes, on the streets calling your attention with their palms ready, and even intruding private establishments.

For lodging, they move and move without permanency anywhere possible or if they have a temporary place, they claim it theirs and shamefully stay there even when prohibited.

I wonder how they even keep their personal hygiene. Sadly, this is a facet of the society that our country has neglected to take responsibility of.

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