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January 7, 2014

The Grim Grip of Greed.

Greed is a principality or more like a negative life-force that a human may possess. It is such spirit that embraces other bad traits of a person like selfishness and covetousness. It may take its roots from envy and insecurity too, for not having Hard to find items and someone has it. It is such dictator that can kill when the things they desire ownership of are not vested to them. Such is a grim grip of greed.

A greedy person has such obsession to have everything. He wants all things to be his. He aches when he does not have much because he simply cannot have enough. He gratifies his very selfish motives and his means are all self-seeking. He disregards the good of others, stressing why would he care? Sadly, it’s as if he believes he is the single person on earth that deserves those things he hankers for.

And whether a person of greed deserves those possessions he has or not, still the general people will take it on an adverse outlook. Still it is better to gain something that one deserves on a just and meek way. Otherwise, the person should be held uneligile of merit.

For such grim grip of greed is not welcome in a world of harmony.

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