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January 15, 2014

The Difficult People in the Work Scene.

The office is as complicated as any unit of a community. There are patterns, norms, politics and behaviors that are constantly working against each other or together. The greatest challenge in the office scene is working with difficult people classic line 6 keyboard. Now, who are the “difficult” people?

According to some sources, there are 6 types of people in the workplace:

1. Hostile Individuals. These are people who are rude and appear angry all the time.
2. Chronic Complainer. These people tend to complain about anything under the sun–may it be important or not.
3. Super-Agreeable. These types of people always seek to please and will agree with you no matter what.
4. The Pessimist. These kinds of people always see the negative side of things.
5. Know-it-all Expert. These people either know too much for their own good or are just pretending to know and sometimes, their knowledge hinders them from empathizing with other people.
6. The Staller. These people tend to not voice out their opinions in fear of making others unhappy.

Because each type is a complex matter, a person must know how to deal with the different types as to not be affected and hindered in their growth and development in the corporation that they are working for.


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