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Everyone’s Talking About Delfin DJ Montano

jd-brianI have no idea who DJ Montano is really. It’s just lately that I heard this name… Heard it a lot that made me google it just to have a clue what’s the fuzz is all about.

Now I have a vague idea. DJ Montano, a Filipino socialite is the (ex) lover of Brian Gorrelle.

Apparently Mr. DJ Montano stole(?)/scammed(?) someone’s else’s Brian Gorrell‘s money amounting to $70,000! That’s a lot moolah dude! And now, this Australian National is blogging all about what happened plus a little more on-the-side information. On his blog several people have been implicated, among them Tim Yap, Celine Lopez, among others.

This is just a story still brewing to become way much more.. probably bigger to the Kristen Call Girl scandal in New York.

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