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August 24, 2009

Survivor Philippines Palau Update Day 4 Justine to Come Back

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Survivor Philippines Palao: Justine Ferrer, the beauty queen Out! Last week, the first tribal council showed us the first castaway to be voted out from the island… and it was Justine Ferrer, the beauty queen.

Everyone thought it was going to be Ma’am Carol Gementiza, strict teacher.. but the other tribe gave her immunity and Mam caron did not gave it away. Second choice to be voted out was the apparent weakling, Charles, Charles Fernandez, raketista.

But it turned out that Justine Ferrer was the first one to be voted out.

Watch Survivor PHilippines Palau tonight because there will be a twist. Looks like Justine wont be going home just yet.

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