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January 13, 2008

Sugar-Free Gum, One Way of Loosing Weight

Chewing sugar-free gums has been proven to remove unwanted weight, based on the studies conducted by two German doctors.

Now,  this may sound like a news from heaven, but this may bring more problems that it’s suppose to solve. Chewing these kinds of gums can cause weight loss of up to 20% of a person’s normal body weight!

Test shows that doing this method causes extreme cases of diarrhea up to twelve times per day! That’s a lot of fluid! I’m guessing that the weight loss is for the fact that you’ll be loosing plenty of body fluids and not burning fats.

Another test was done on a middle-aged man, and same symptoms  showed. He gained back his ‘normal’ weight upon cessation of gum chewing.

I still stick to diet and exercise, thank you very much.. (as if I’m doing it. 🙂

Check out Wired feature here.

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