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January 13, 2014

Some Women Don’t Survive Pregnancy After 40

When you plan to have pregnancy after 40, it is important for you to know the facts straight away. One of the most painful facts is that some women don’t survive this at all. Their body is no longer that capable of holding a baby for 9 months.

As the baby grows bigger, the body is becoming weaker and unable to sustain the changes. As a result, women have a hard time dealing with it. Eventually, their body collapses or their health problems become more complicated. Thus, unwanted death happens. In some cases, the baby survives as it is taken out of the womb. However, in some very unfortunate instances, the baby dies with the mother too.

Well, this is a reminder that there are worse case scenarios that could take place in pregnancy after 40. Those who plan to have it must be ready for anything that can happen.

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