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May 14, 2009

Singer Cassie Leaked Pictures

If you don’t know who Cassie is then let me tell you she is R&B Singer Sean Diddy’s girlfriend and she was recently in the news for her weird Britney-like haircut.

There’s this buzz on the internet that there are Cassie’s Pictures roaming around the internet that was confirmed leaked and hacked and stolen from Cassie’s own personal computer.

Cassie said that the photos are not intended for public viewing. These Pictures are hacked from here personal computer.

Here’s what she said:

She also posted a comment on her Personal Blog around 4:57 a.m. and seemed very upset about it. She said,”The recent personal pictures that have been leaked on the internet of me were hacked and stolen out of my computer. These photos were obviously never intended for the world to see and it’s sad that people would really take time to steal and post them, it’s just evil. At the end of the day breasts are breasts, mine weren’t the first you’ve seen and they won’t be the last… people need to grow up, let’s move on. Thank you. Cassie”

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