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Revitalash Review on Video

Love this product. Totally does what it says it will do.
Ive been using eyelash conditioners for quite some time now. Due to the fact that my own eyelashes are pretty ordinary. Not extremely short but also not long or thick.
I started out using Lilash, which is also a great product. It made my lashes longer in 3-4 weeks and they stayed long. The thing i disliked was the fact that it didnt really make my eyelashes thicker. Also after 2 years of use, i had the feeling the effect started to decrease, so I figured I might as well try revitalash (practically the same price anyway).

When i tried revitalash first at use I wasnt very pleased, my eyes felt a little irritated. A bit of a burning sensation. Though I have very sensitive eyes, so not really suprising. This lasted for a couple of weeks and now it doesnt bother me anymore. I didnt have any other side effects.
It took me a while to see results I think at least 8 weeks (been using it almost 3-4 months now, every day at night) and like other reviewers my eyelashes fell out a bit (at start of use).
I was about to give up, but Im glad I sticked to it, cause my eyelashes are longer then ever. Also they got a bit thicker. When wearing mascara they look pretty damn neat and people have complimented me about this.
Dont get me wrong its not a miracle product, its not like you are wearing false lashes and the its a pretty expensive product. But you will definitelly see a massive difference.

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