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March 1, 2013

Revamping Your Look.

There comes a time when you get tired of how you look. But with not much money on hand, how can you revamp your look without spending so much?

ACCESSORIZE. Wear accessories like fixture clamps and jewelry that accentuate your attire. A bangle or a necklace and even a simple headband will make a huge difference if worn correctly. Just don’t clutter your get up with a lot of accessories. One article or two will do.

SCARF. Not only do they keep you warm, scarves are also fashion items that can almost go with every look–formal or casual. The key here is picking the right pattern and color of scarf that will suit your overall get-up.

HAIR. Do something with your hair either permanently or temporarily. Curl it or straight it, doesn’t matter. A new hair is always considered a new look. Just be sure that the things you do with your hair actually matches up with the shape of your face.


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