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February 3, 2013

Reaction to Rooftop Prince (Korean Series).

I started watching the Rooftop Prince in an online site just this weekend after listening to some karaoke music. This series especially captivated me since it has Micky Yoochun in it as the lead or main actor and also because it involves historical and time-travelling. Also, I think that because it also belongs to the comedy genre, it is worthy of my attention.

Anyway, it really has a pretty complicated story line and I have to admit, I can’t establish any guesses or predictions on where the story will go or how it will end. You see, I usually have those kinds of things after an episode or two but I guess I’ll just have to let Rooftop Prince surprise me. As for the other aspects of the series, as I was expecting to see comedy, I thought that most of the first part was a bore because of its seriousness and only on the second episode did I find the touch of humor I was looking for. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the series so far.

As for Yoochun’s acting, it is quite good but then again, I have seen better. But, as a kind of rookie in the acting scene, we have to give it to him for his good acting skills.

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