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August 27, 2013

Praying for the Nation.

It is very pleasant to witness Christians in an assembly of prayer for the nation. It is good to learn that Christians unite for the purpose of kneeling down to God in a common prayer that is to bless the nation we all live in.

There are many organizations conducting massive prayer gatherings aimed at raising all our concerns to God in warfare that He will hear it from the sincerest core of our hearts,that are unified in the goal of lifting up similar issues that we know our nation is facing and may still encounter.

Praying for the nation is a very good activity – a crowd of people from all over the country gathered to contribute to the nation’s destiny which is said to be sometimes paralleled to our faith, or reciprocal to how extensive, true, and loud we prayed.

As Christians, it is a must that we have the same heart in prayer for our nation. click here self defense weapons

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