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April 8, 2010

Palito in need

Early this week the news about Palito being brought to the hospital and in need of financial support Reynaldo Hipolito in real life was rush to the hospital due to severe stomach ache. Palito’s family was asking from his former co-actors and friends in showbiz for help.

But in the midst of this unhappy days in the Hipolito family, there are still some people that are making this a joke. Though Palito was in the line of comedy this ain’t a joke, this ain’t a movie or another show that Palito is in.

According to Jhun Hipolito, Palito’s son, they receive hoax text saying that there are from showbiz and was a friend of his father, and asked for their account number and pledge for financial help. but they never received any amount. What makes them wonder is how did those people got their number…

I am appealing to all that this ain’t a joke and this is a matter of life and (hopefully not) death to one of the pioneer and best comedian we had. Let’s not make fun of this. Think of your self being in their place.

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