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January 15, 2008

Nokia 95 and WordPress Blogs

I’m not sure how Nokia 95 works with regards to posting blog post running WordPress but I think the phone has an application that is dedicated in making blog post for WordPress.

I’ve been using smartphones powered by Windows Mobile for several years now. I connect to the internet tru GPRS (Smart). Since these phones integrates Internet Explorer, I usually browse the internet using it.

I tried creating a a post using an XDA Zinc but I experienced problems. Maybe using the application on N95, which is dedicated to WordPress, will make it a lot easier.

The said application was developed by Telewaving, Wavelog created in Symbian C++ which will allow users to post to both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

From The Blog Herald:

It’s able to upload text, images, audio, and video over any network connection. Alternatively, it can store pages ready for publication when a network signal isn’t available.


Here’s a very detailed review of the Nokia N95… Cool phone.. I still prefer Windows smartphone though.

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