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February 25, 2008

My Yutube, Utube and YoTube Account!

It’s my turn to join the YuTube or YoTube band wagon.. 😀 (actually, this is just to boost up my other Yutube post… ssshh, don’t tell anybody)

There’s this SEO thingy started by macuha.com about the keywords: Yutube, Utube and Yotube (and some other variation of that misspelled word)

Looks like there are people who are searching for Youtube but typing the name wrong… hence, Yutube! If you are one of those people, the correct spelling is YouTube! It’s www.youtube.com man, how stupid can you be? 🙂 joke! Cheers!


  1. ian sidney says:

    talong talo na tlga c angel kay mrian laos na tlga c angel kht anung gawin nua ngyon tlgang lubog nxa ambsyosa cxa kxc lumipt cxa sa dos yan tuloy nag mka nxa ngyong katulong.ganda u tlga marian u r d best artist sna wg knang gmya kay angel.

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