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September 3, 2013

My Resentment to my Simple, Yet Unexecuted Plans

I only have simple dreams, and simple plans – goals which are normally very attainable yet four years after graduation, I am stuck here in a stagnant company with a dormant career – as if no breakthrough has ever happened.

My plans to reach the peak of my dreams are very simple. I aim to finish one at a time yet it seems difficult to start at once.

It’s not really hard enrolling for a masteral degree, is it? It’s not really expensive attending a foreign language class, is it? But well, I need extra money.

Is it also laborious to enter into a business while working? Well I can probably manage but I don’t have the capital.

Is it even impossible to purchase at least one appliance from my mothly salary so I can see some fruits of all these ploy all those years? Apparently, it is. I don’t have savings, you know.

You see, I don’t really dream buying my own car, building my own house, or travelling abroad time after another. My plans are very simple yet due to my family obligations, I cant even attain one. Sadly.

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