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May 29, 2008

Marian Rivera – “Nagtaray” Nga ba sa Video?

marian rivera

I’m sure you probably heard about this news about Marian Rivera “nagtaray” caught in video.

This apparent “Nagtaray” video of Marian Rivera, which can be found on Yutube, if you do a quick search, shows a “bastos” and “Mataray” Marian talking with an unknown guy.

Marian justified her actions by saying that she was just defending herself from the disrespectful retorts of the guy. What the video shows is the part where the Marian is “Nagtataray”. What the video didn’t show is the part where Marian kindly asking the guy to stop talking video of the show .. which is not allowed anyway. But the guy answered back offensive words.. That’s the time where Marian Rivera defended herself, which what the guy uploaded on Utube.

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