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June 12, 2013

Man of Steel Day – Independence Day

man of steelThe whole family went to the mall today to catch the newest Superman movie franchise. This is actually a whole reboot of the movie – new stars, new story (sort of), new fx and all other stuff that are new.

We head on over to SM Fairview 10:30am and watched the first screening at 11:15, cinema 12 🙂 (detailed as possible huh, right Eli?) :_

Anyway, the wife enjoyed the movie and I’m hoping the kids did, too. I thought the movie has too much destruction and not enough story (love story) for Lois and Clark.. the movie would probably be a lot longer that it is at 2 hours or so.

I love the flashback style of story telling and the Man of Steel is that type of movie. There are a number flashbacks where CK’s childhood was presented to the story.

I think the Php800 ticket price was worth it (yeah, we did not watched it in 3D.. that is how cheap I am)

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