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March 28, 2010

Justin Timberlake in Manila…for the first time?

The past few weeks we’ve been excited about Justin Timberlake coming to our country with Jojo and Timberland. The concert was indeed a big bash…

I heard in a news or two that it was Justin’s first time here in the Philippines. But I guess they were wrong. It wasn’t his first time, as far as I remember he indeed had visit our country years back, a decade and more ago maybe. During that time he was still with N’SYNC and they were not that big during that time, they were just starters.

Sorry but I’m still working out on the evidence to prove it you, But if I haven’t found any evidence, sorry but as for me I think I saw them in one of our local variety show and I wasn’t that fan of them since they were not that popular that time and I remember admiring Chris Kirkpatrict’s face.ahihihi

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