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March 15, 2009

Jomari Yllana’s Message to Martin Nievera

This is an original PEP.ph article entitled “Jomari Yllana to Martin Nievera: Bat ka Nakikisawsaw”. If you ever seen the talk show hosted by Anjo Yllana and that lady in Bear Brand commercial *smile*, then you know that Jomari Yllana released a statement for the issue of their break up with Pops Fernandez… and some messages to Martin Nievera.

Here’s what we read:

For the first time, the usually calm Jomari Yllana issued a strong statement about his breakup with Pops Fernandez. But instead of shedding light on the main reason his almost four-year-old relationship with the Concert Queen fell apart, he confronted her  ex-husband, Martin Nievera.

Last February, Martin was all-praise for Joms, who directed his reunion concert with Pops, Missing You. But last March 11, a few days after Joms confirmed the split, Martin began singing a different tune. In a two-part article, he said, “But he [Jomari] is not okay with me now for hurting Pops and being so mysterious.”

In reply, Jomari stated in his TV appearance in Cool Center last night, March 14:  “Mr. Martin Nievera, hayaan na lang sana kitang magsalita nang magsalita. Kasi, sa pakiwari ko, I don’t owe you any explanation nor am I accountable and responsible to you for my actions.”

The former Guwapings member continued that he already talked to Pops and they’ve both agreed that they will keep mum about the issue and other things they’ve talked about.

“Ironically, Mr. Nievera, kami ni Pops, nag-usap na. We had a three-hour talk the other Monday. Kung anuman ang napag-usapan namin ni Pops, sa amin na lang yun. But I assure you that we settled the issues between us in a very mature manner.

“The love and respect we feel for each other remain. And salamat sa kanya, she cleared the issues surrounding us lately. And in doing so, she cleared my name in the eyes of the viewing public.

“After Pops and I talked, I remember telling a friend, ‘Kaps, first time akong nakipag-break nang maayos. Walang samaan ng loob and I feel good about it.’

“Ang hindi ko maintindihan sa ‘yo, Mr. Nievera, ay kung bakit ka nakikisawsaw sa naging sitwasyon namin ni Pops.

“When you and Pops had a conflict, I kept my distance. Labas ako sa naging issue ninyong dalawa.

“Mr. Nievera, I will always understand and respect that you no longer want to work with me. That is your prerogative.

“As far as my production is concerned, hindi kami nagkulang sa ‘yo. In fact, we just made you and Pops, respectively, the highest-paid concert local entertainers to date.

“Mr. Martin Nievera, wala akong atraso sa ‘yo personally. Tahimik ako na tao. Pero nung may patama ka sa akin, lalo na ‘yong mga binitiwan mong salita sa PEP, hindi mo inalala na may anak din ako.

“Ilang taon ka na ba, Mr. Nievera? Ako 32 years old. I am  trying to handle my situation in a mature way.

“Mr. Nievera, I find it strange and hypocritical na of all people, ikaw pa ang nagsasalita about Pops getting hurt. I may be wrong, but if you have some unresolved guilt within you, please refrain from using my situation with Pops para lang magmukha kang malinis na tao.

“Mr. Nievera, not at my expense.

“Now, Mr. Nievera, please bear in mind that you did not lose Pops because of me. You lost Pops because of you and who you are. And now, you are doing it again, by being immature.”

At the end of his statement, Jomari apologized to the fans for choosing to remain silent about the split.

He said, “Bilang panghuli, pasensiya na po kung medyo tahimik ako sa usapin sa hiwalayang Pops and Jomari. Ang importante po kasi sa akin, napag-usapan na namin ni Pops ang mga bagay-bagay.

“Pops and I agreed to still be friends. And bilang respeto po sa halos apat na taon na relasyon namin ni Pops, I would rather remember the beautiful memories we shared, than make a big circus out of the breakup. Maraming salamat po sa pang-unawa.”

PEP was present when Jomari had his live guesting at Cool Center. We attempted to have a word with him, but his assistant said that what he said in Cool Center would be his first and last statement about the issue.

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