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February 9, 2013

How I lost 7 Pounds in Less than a Month

Have mini-meals. Before, I used to eat large amounts of food every time. Then a friend told me to eat less amounts but eat more frequently. The thing is, you still eat the same amount of food for the day but you just divided it into mini-meals. This not only makes you more satiated the whole day but it also helps with metabolism. Having faster metabolism ensure that food gets converted into energy and not fats.

Skip heavy dinner, not breakfast. This is a basic rule. When you eat breakfast, you can burn it the whole day. The thing with dinner is that we sleep afterwards and our body functions less, burns less during the night. So either eat your dinner early or just skip it altogether.

Know the difference between bored and hungry. Have you ever heard about bored-eating? I do that. When I don’t have anything on my hands but time to kill, I have this urge to eat. Don’t listen to it! Do not eat and get yourself busy with other things.

Get inspiration. This is the most important part! Without inspiration, you’ll have a hard time doing the things you need to do. So get yourself a crush, an idol, or even a skinny bitch to hate and be envious about. Whatever it is, be sure that your inspiration can really inspire you. For me, I got myself a hot crush.

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