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October 4, 2008

Gretchen Barretto and Nadia Montenegro, Bygones

gretchen barretto

Yeah, before I left for Canada months back, there’s this issue between Gretchen Barretto and Nadia Montenegro… Now, recent news from PEP Philippines shows that the two will kiss and make up… Well, at least Gretchen was qouted In my heart, I have chosen to forgive her. Kung anuman ang nangyari, I will learn from the experience.”

Check out Utube for any video of the two, I know there is… I love intrigues 🙂

Here’s what we read

“In my heart, I have chosen to forgive her. Kung anuman ang nangyari, I will learn from the experience.”

This was the statement of Gretchen Barretto last night, October 3, when asked about her former close friend Nadia Montenegro.

In her previous interviews, the actress-recording star had usually evaded questions regarding her seven-month old rift with Nadia. Why the sudden change of heart? Is La Greta hinting on possible reconciliation with Nadia any time soon?

It will be recalled that the issue between two women erupted last February, when Nadia was accused of spreading the rumors about Gretchen’s alleged affair with government official Dody Puno. The first attempt to patch things up between former friends took place last February 20 at the Hotel Rembrandt, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. But it turned into an ugly confrontation.

During the wake of Gabby Concepcion’ dad, their closest friends were hoping for a squaring off, but it did not happen.

Gretchen said, “There’s a proper time and a proper place for that. Ayokong gawin sa harap ng tao at para sa ibang tao.”
So many things had been said and done. As previous writeups aptly put it, “naglabasan sila ng baho,” can can they still revive the friendship?

The eldest of the Barretto sisters quickly said, “Ayoko nang pag-usapan iyan. It’s time to move on. Nangyari iyan, last year pa. Marami nang magagandang nangyari sa mga buhay namin. Okay na ako.”

Another name which got dragged into the issue was Cristy Fermin. It was the host-columnist who dropped the name of Nadia as the source of circulating news items about Gretchen’s rumored affair.

Gretchen came to Cristy’s defense, “Cristy Fermin will always be my nanay. Walang ginawang masama si Cristy Fermin. Kung anuman ang nangyari between Nadia and me, sa amin iyon. Walang ibang taong kinalaman.”

She added, “Alam ko yung totoo. Alam ni Nadia Montenegro yung totoo. Kung ano yung ginawa ni Nadia, hindi na kailangang malaman ng buong Pilipinas.”

It became apparent that Gretchen got a little uncomfortable about the topic, and before the GMA-7 crew (Startalk and 24 Oras) could finish the question, she interjected, “Alam mo, I don’t really like to talk about people or events na nangyari sa buhay ko. Hindi ko na pinagtutuunan ng pansin talaga iyan.”

She mentioned about forgiving Nadia, does this also mean forgetting every thing, including the nasty words they hurled at each other?

“It will take time. Maraming nadamay. Maraming nasaktan. Ngayon pa lang, marami ang kokontra,” was Gretchen’s answer.

ON TONYBOY. The topic shifted to Tonyboy Cojuangco. How did her live-in partner react to that article claiming he kicked her out of their mansion in Dasmariñas Village, Makati?

She related, “Hindi niya nababanggit iyon. Hindi niya pinapatulan ang tsismis.”

The controversial celebrity also gave a somewhat vague description of her relationship status with the father of her daughter: “We are okay with our life.”

When asked about her daughter’s plan to study abroad, she hastily replied, “Ayokong pag-usapan yung anak ko, hindi siya artista.”

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