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November 4, 2013

Green and Blue Prestige-

There’s something about these two schools that have been rivals all throughout the years. Aside from the obvious fact that their colors are in contrast with one another, it is also very evident that they are big competitors as top universities in the country. La Salle and Ateneo, who do you bet for?

The green and blue rivalry is palpable. As to the quality of education it offers, potential enrollees would decide which between the two of them would they choose as their school. They are only able to do so after very thorough scrutiny, but there is perhaps only a fine line as to which between them is indeed better.

And of course vitamin b17, there goes their varsity teams that compete on the famous UAAP where they always showcase their basketball powers that are both incredible.

But as people who have already heard much about them, they know for sure that both are exceptional in quality education and great athletic spirit plus the prestige that goes with their names.

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