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December 2, 2011

Going For Walks Is A Smart Way For You To Drop A Few Pounds

As soon as you resolve to shed off some pounds, you need to create a workout plan. Is exercising something you’re not used to doing? Even if it can seem overwhelming, you can work your way into an exercise program gradually by walking. You must definitely incorporate walking to any exercise program you start.

You can include walking into your schedule in many ways. You and your pet can both get exercise by taking a 10-minute walk around your vicinity. Ten minutes may not seem like a lot of walking time until you see that it equates to 70 minutes over the course of a week. Walking your dog twice a day will double that number. If you aren’t living far from work, consider walking there, or at least some of the way. Of course, if it’s about a 2-hour walk to your office, it’s not such a great idea to walk there each day (but feel free to try if you believe you can do it!). Walking half an hour to your office is not unachievable and, by the time you walk to and from work, you will have walked at least an hour a day. Even if you use the bus to get to work, you can nonetheless add walking into your day by walking to the next bus stop before you get onto the bus. Its not hard to add in walking.

Your body and overall health will be wonderfully made better by walking. As it’s a form of cardiovascular exercise, you’ll burn up calories, which means you’ll shed off a few extra pounds and it’s also good for your heart. Unlike running, which can put stress on your joints, you can walk at any pace that is comfortable for you. My brother is very thin (but he eats a lot of junk food) and I ask him how he does it. Even though he says he doesn’t have a clue, I think the fact that he walks daily may help. As soon as he mentioned that, I got a clearer picture. Walking is not difficult to do there’s no reason you you shouldn’t try it.

Set up a daily walking routine, combine it with a good diet, and you should realize weight loss without any huge effort. Since walking is not a tiring physical activity, it’s less problematic to stay motivated and stick to your exercise program. After you have been walking daily, you’ll perhaps want to increase the intensity to experience even more benefit. There’s no reason not to do it if you feel fine with that. Consider talking at a faster speed or if you’re feeling really confident, you could begin jogging. The next you need to do is to add even more strenuous activities.

It’s hard to come up with reasons for not taking walks for short distances daily. Even if you have a lot of things on your plate, you can take out 10 minutes to walk around the area, or if you are a member of a gym, nip in and do half an hour on the treadmill at a slow pace to start off with.

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