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October 22, 2013

Fastfood Potato Madness.

Potato is oh-so-yummy when converted to simple yet highly-demanded dishes. We have the all-time famous potato fries, the favorite mashed potato, and the savory hash brown to name a few.

Like chicken claimed to be every Filipino’s favorite in terms of fastfood chain dining, potato menu can be par level with chicken demand. Imagine that crop that with only a few slicing or grinding or whatever, can be a very savory food that our tongue will love. Potatoes are vegetables that are not so pricey yet valuable, for without them, imagine aworld without French fries for one?

Hence growing potatoes is something we should be thankful of as it generates supplies for our favorite potato dishes to gratify our potato madness.

There’s really something that our tongue can find whenever eating potatoes when converted into awesome yet typical recipe. And fastfood chains, Kendra Scott jewelry here, will probably experiment for more potato menus for our taste madness like no other.

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