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February 24, 2008

Dawn Zulueta on Myra 400 E Commercial

Hubby and I agree, Dawn Zulueta looks so pretty in her latest TV commercial being aired on local TV nowadays!

dawn zulueta myra 400 E

Photo above was taken in GMA/EDSA. As you can see, Dawn Zulueta is looking young and fresh… but I doubt that if that is the works of Myra 400 E. Come on, it’s probably Dr. Calayan or Dr. Belos’ masterpiece.

The TV commercial? Here it is:

May issue din pala sila ni Nadia Montenegro, but I wont go with the details on that… Di ko alam eh..hehehe

But she do looks hot!

Here’s the commercial seen on local Philippine TV (in case you’re somewhere outside the Philippines)


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