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December 15, 2009

Daiana Meneses Dating Carlos Guevarra – Couples?

Daiana Meneses (or Dianna Meneses) is exclusively dating Carlos Guevarra. This is according to her in an interview with Manila Bulletin. Although she said that they are dating, the boyfriend stage is not there yet. Daiana Meneses considers someone as a boyfriend if they have been going out and new the person for at some 3 years or so (that’s wayyy tooo long).

“We’re together. I cannot tell you na boyfriend ko na siya kasi parang maaga pa. I should know him for at least three years to call him boyfriend. I don’t wanna call him my boyfriend. You can say we’re exclusively dating,” explains Daiana in an interview with Manila Bulletin Entertainment Online after GMA-7’s press party on Dec. 14.

The Brazilian beauty met Carlos on the set of “Lipgloss,” the now defunct youth-oriented TV 5 show.

The two were paired together in the series and love seemed to have bloomed between them. Not surprisingly, they have been spotted a lot of times hanging out in malls, bars and events.

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