Courage and Confidence: Two Things I Live with.

If not for the courage and confidence that I have, I would not be where I am right now. Well, I am an ordinary person with big dreams that may seem unachievable at first and right now, I am way remote from the zenith yet. But nothing can stop me. With a well-defined blueprint I always carry with me, I know where to go. I have plans and I know how to execute them.

I have courage and confidence ayway as my life’s guard. I can do banner printing at and put it on my room. I can risk some things for I know I can recover fast. I can face my foes with courage, never feeling hopeless for I know my worth. I can stand in the middle of a disparaging crowd and remain confident. It’s in me. Courage and confidence run in my veins and that makes me sail in the river of challenges smoothly.

I live with these virtues for they keep me strong. They keep me in line with my aspirations. They keep me going.

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