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May 21, 2014

Constructive Conversation and Success in the Work Place

Success in the workplace is synonymous to being able to work harmoniously and productive with your employees and colleagues. Oftentimes, people who successfully climb the corporate ladder are those who are socially equipped–those who can interact better with other people, rather than those people who possess greater technical knowledge. Thing is, the higher positions in companies require more social skills than technical skills.

It is a critical skill that no one can teach you, not even the academe. A part of dealing with difficult people is handling conflicts. Conflicts are one of the most difficult situations and most of the time, conflicts can result to one of the two: a permanently damaged relationship or a bottled up conflict that is a ticking bomb.

It’s not good to set aside unresolved issues. It is best dealt with through a good conversation. The key to dealing with difficult people and situations through conversation is how the conversation was handled. Of course, you must employ both verbal and non-verbal techniques in order to have a constructive conversation. Good choice of words can also help win your cause.

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