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Choosing A Computer Display

The concept of 4K, big screens and IPS display is so prevalent now. Compared to the last decade, users will now be able to enjoy exceptional entertainment, movies and gaming on their PCs because the monitors made feature such high resolutions.

Even the most well-known, 1080p HD display has now moved out while 2K and 4K is becoming increasingly common not only in monitors but in smart phones and tablets as well.

When choosing a monitor, make sure your hardware could support it. Games and HD movies require powerful graphic cards so that they can run without stuttering. 16:9 or 16:10 is an ideal choice for your home entertainment. Check brands like AOC or Viewsonic for good quality picture.

Angel Locsin Cover for T3 Magazine!

angel locsin
For those who don’t know, T3 magazine is all about the latest gadget and cool cool technologies. And T3 magazine also has a reputation of having sexy and tulo laway magazine covers.

And for the month of July 2008, the cover for this high-tech magazine is the one and only Ms. Angel Locsin!

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Nokia N77 or Nokia N92

Smart Communications Philippines together with The World’s Local Bank, HSBC, currently has an ongoing promo for Smart Gold Plan 1200!

Forgot the details but they are offering two cool Nokia phones!

One is Nokia N77 (Source Image)

nokia n77

The other one is Nokia N92 (image source)

nokia n92

So, if ever I would avail of such promo, which one should I get?

Nokia 95 and WordPress Blogs

I’m not sure how Nokia 95 works with regards to posting blog post running WordPress but I think the phone has an application that is dedicated in making blog post for WordPress.

I’ve been using smartphones powered by Windows Mobile for several years now. I connect to the internet tru GPRS (Smart). Since these phones integrates Internet Explorer, I usually browse the internet using it.

I tried creating a a post using an XDA Zinc but I experienced problems. Maybe using the application on N95, which is dedicated to WordPress, will make it a lot easier.

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OrchidLois.com hosted at 000Webhost.com

Orchidlois.com is an $8.00 domain registered at GoDaddy.com last December 30, 2007.

Original plan was to get a domain and get a free web hosting company to host the content. I did find some sites that offers such a service but they either have pop ups or the domain must be at least 60 days old.

Though I prefer to use WordPress as my blog interface, I was ‘forced’ to use Blogger.

Then I found out about 000webhost.com through a blogger friend.

000Webhost.com features

I was first in doubt about the features that 000webhost.com claims they have. Reading the list of features I was really eager to try them out (which I did).

Here are the main features that made me register:

  • 250 MB of Disk Space – That’s more than enough for now. I have several webhost alread and the typical packages that I availed are 100MB
  • 100 GB Bandwidth! – Again, more that enough. Current ones I have only offers 6to 8GB a month
  • Full Domain Hosting – This is the feature I was looking for in the first place. Though they offer free subdomain, they can also host your own.
  • cPanel Powered Hosting
  • Host unlimited domains!
  • Over 500 website templates – But I uploaded and install WordPress
  • Free POP3 Email Box – contemplating of using this one too
  • Full Webmail access – this too
  • PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.

There. Pretty nice stuff for a free service huh? I suggest you get one yourself.