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LJ reyes and Paolo Avelino are expecting for their baby

It was confirm that the young star is indeed preggy, with another starstruck alumni as the father of the baby.

It was said that LJ is 6 months pregnant and will be flying to New York, where her mother is based, to give birth to the big apple. According to a source the couple revealed the news to their family during the Christmas season and the families of them are very supportive in keeping the baby.

The couple decided to came out with the truth  because they don’t want to fool their fans.  Whatch the couple as they tell their stories and plans this weekend on GMA 7′ Showbiz talk shows,  Startalk and Shobiz Central.

Princess Snell Piero Vergara Eliminated Starstruck V

Princess Snell and Piero Vergara are the two starstruck finalists that got eliminated tonight! Hosted by Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo, they announced the two starstruck who got eliminated with breath taking suspense!

Princess Snell

She is the cutie from Laguna whose showbiz-oriented dreams is rooted in the desire to give her family a good future.

Basic Info
Name: Princess Snell
Nickname: Cess, Tink, Tinky, Cristina
Birthday: April 14, 1992
Birth Place: Pacita, Laguna
Showbiz Anniversary: November 29, 2009

Piero Vergara

He is the happy-go-lucky guy from Davao who also wants to be known as a journalist, a songwriter and an author.

Basic Info
Name: Piero Vergara
Nickname: Piero
Birthday: June 25, 1993
Birth Place: Davao
Showbiz Anniversary: November 29, 2009

Zeryl Lim – Starstruck 3rd Elimination

Zeryl Lim is the 3rd one to get eliminated in GMA 7’s reality TV, artista search – Starstruck. Fianca Cruz was the first one eliminated followed by Rye Burgos and how this week, it was Zeryl Lim.

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Rye Burgos – Second Eliminated Star Struck V

rye burgos star struck V

Rye Burgos
is the second one eliminated in GMA 7‘s reality artista search in PHilippine Television called Starstruck V! Recalling last week’s elimination night, it was Fianca Cruz who said goodbye, and yep now it’s Rye Burgos.

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Douglas Quijano Passed Away June 13, 2009

Douglas Quijano Passed Away today June 13, 2009..  Douglas Quijano is well known as the manager of well known local stars such as Jomari Yllana, John Estrada, and Richard Gomez to name a few.

MANILA, Philippines – Renowned movie and television talent manager Douglas Quijano died early Saturday, 12 days before his birthday. He was 64.

Veteran TV host and long-time friend German Moreno said in an interview aired over Q’s Balitanghali that Quijano was found dead on his bed at his rest house in Lucban, Quezon province at about 10 a.m.

The reason for his death has yet to be confirmed but Moreno speculated that it might have been because of a heart attack.

“Ang nasabi lang sa akin, si Douglas walang bawal sa kinakain, isa siguro ‘yun sa reasons bakit hindi siya nag-ingat sa kakainin [I was told that there were no restrictions on what Douglas could eat, which could be the reason why he wasn’t careful with what he ate],” he said.

Lucy Torres-Gomez, one of Quijano’s talents, said in a separate interview that Quijano was actually diabetic.

“Nag-alala kami lagi sa eating habits niya kasi diabetic siya. The last two years, regular na siyang nagpapa-checkup [We were worried of his eating habits because he was diabetic. During the last two years, he has been regularly having checkups],” she said.

Moreno and Gomez said that Quijano’s death was a big loss for the movie and television industry.

“ Nakakalungkot din kasi marami siyang tinutulungang artista. Malaki ang kontribusyon niya sa industriya [It’s sad because he helps so many artists. He contributes a lot to the industry,” said Moreno.

“In the industry, he’s well-liked, he’s well-loved,” added Gomez.

No details have yet to be released regarding Quijano’s wake but Moreno said that he was sure many of the manager’s talents are already making arrangements.

Despite being known for having developed plenty of stars, there is little information about Quijano on the Internet. Even in the Philippine Entertainment Portal, the only vital information available is that he was born on July 25. – Kimberly Jane Tan, GMANews.TV

Marky Cielo Scandal? Cause of Death?

Everyone found out that Marky Cielo, at age 20 died in his bed last week (same time Manny Pacquiao won with Oscar Dela Hoya).

Since then, up to today, many people are searching the internet trying to find out what Marky Cielo’s cause of death was?

THere’s even some who searched for “Marky Cielo Scandal”. Come on people.. .don’t you have respect for the dead? He’s resting give it a rest too.

There’s no scandal.. Marky’s a good boy and everyone of his closest (and not so close friends) attested to that.