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Princess Snell Piero Vergara Eliminated Starstruck V

Princess Snell and Piero Vergara are the two starstruck finalists that got eliminated tonight! Hosted by Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo, they announced the two starstruck who got eliminated with breath taking suspense!

Princess Snell

She is the cutie from Laguna whose showbiz-oriented dreams is rooted in the desire to give her family a good future.

Basic Info
Name: Princess Snell
Nickname: Cess, Tink, Tinky, Cristina
Birthday: April 14, 1992
Birth Place: Pacita, Laguna
Showbiz Anniversary: November 29, 2009

Piero Vergara

He is the happy-go-lucky guy from Davao who also wants to be known as a journalist, a songwriter and an author.

Basic Info
Name: Piero Vergara
Nickname: Piero
Birthday: June 25, 1993
Birth Place: Davao
Showbiz Anniversary: November 29, 2009

Top-rated TV offerings of 2009

2009 was a great year for the Kapamilya and Kapuso networks. Both ABS-CBN and GMA-7 offered highly-anticipated shows that claimed ratings supremacy. A new contender to the ratings war, TV5, also emerged as a worthy competitor this year.

Cutthroat competition was so fierce that the list of top shows ranked by market researchers TNS and AGB Nielsen, and published here in PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), tended to vary from week to week.

Here are some of the television shows that topped the ten rankings of TV shows by TNS and AGB in 2009, and their numbers during their period of supremacy.

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Carol Batay is Evicted Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)

After the “Conservative Pharmacist ng Tondo” got the boot, a big package from Europe will arrive in Pinoy Big Brother.

22-year-old Carol Batay received the lowest tallied vote for being saved and evicted (-18.42%). Hermes came in at second with a -9.96% while Patrick and Sam received positive percentage of votes after the votes to evict and votes to save were computed.

The percentage of votes are as follows:

Carol Batay: -18.42%
Hermes Bautista: -9.96%
Patrick Villanueva: +3.78%
Sam Pinto: +10.23%

Zeryl Lim – Starstruck 3rd Elimination

Zeryl Lim is the 3rd one to get eliminated in GMA 7’s reality TV, artista search – Starstruck. Fianca Cruz was the first one eliminated followed by Rye Burgos and how this week, it was Zeryl Lim.

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Rye Burgos – Second Eliminated Star Struck V

rye burgos star struck V

Rye Burgos
is the second one eliminated in GMA 7‘s reality artista search in PHilippine Television called Starstruck V! Recalling last week’s elimination night, it was Fianca Cruz who said goodbye, and yep now it’s Rye Burgos.

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Survivor Philippines Palau Update Day 4 Justine to Come Back

This post was originally posted at TVMovieMusicMoney.

Survivor Philippines Palao: Justine Ferrer, the beauty queen Out! Last week, the first tribal council showed us the first castaway to be voted out from the island… and it was Justine Ferrer, the beauty queen.

Everyone thought it was going to be Ma’am Carol Gementiza, strict teacher.. but the other tribe gave her immunity and Mam caron did not gave it away. Second choice to be voted out was the apparent weakling, Charles, Charles Fernandez, raketista.

But it turned out that Justine Ferrer was the first one to be voted out.

Watch Survivor PHilippines Palau tonight because there will be a twist. Looks like Justine wont be going home just yet.