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Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera on Redtube, Badjojo and Tube8

angel locsin vs marian rivera

The two most talk about and two most gorgeous actress on Philippine Television are Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin. There is no doubt that every man are longing to be with them and every little girl wants to be just like them.

Along with fame, there is intrigue. One most common intrigue that blows every famous movie/tv actress is the infamous sex scandal. There’s this rumored ANgel Locsin Sex scandal and I have no doubt that there is also a Marian sex scandal somewhere there.

If the person on those videos are them or not, it doesn’t matter coz we still want to see and verify if those are really them.

People search for sites (or buy the CD). Now I wonder if both our ladies have a video on Redtube, one of the popular adult site today.

There’s also the hunt for Tube8 and the video sharing for amateur, Badjojo and Yuvutu. I hope not.

And for the visitors of this blog please don’t visit the link from those sites.

Marian Rivera’s Latest Buzz… FHM and DingDong Dantes and Sangyaw Festival in Tacloban

marian rivera

We’ll here’s the latest naman for Ms. FHM sexiest, Ms. Marian Rivera.. We have two (2) hot items for her this week… Since Marian topped the list of FHM’s 2008 sexiest, are we really going to see her posing for one of the country’s famous Men’s magazine?

Matatandaan from previous post that Marian Rivera mentioned that if she wins, she ‘may’ pose for the magazine.. But…

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Marian Rivera is FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the Philippines

marian rivera fhm no. 1

FHM 100 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines has been concluded! The big winner? Ms. Marian Rivera!

Congratulations to Marian Rivera for topping the list and likewise to Ms. Katrina Halili for placing 2nd… Of course congrats also to Ms. Angel Locsin!

For me, all you gals are super sexy! And all of you are on my list!

Marian Rivera on Regine Velasquez’ Music Video?

marian rivera

Here’s what we read at starmometer.com… (iba talaga pag tsismosa)

Did you know that Marian Rivera starred on Regine Velasquez‘ “Shine” music video before?
I was channel surfing and came across this music video “Shine” on Myx featuring the then unknown Marian Rivera.

I didn’t know that neither.. Well, actually I didn’t even know before that she started in TV commercial (skyflakes etc etc) until I see her in Super Twins and eventually in Marimar.

I guess she meant to be famous… tama ba un?

Marian Rivera To Shoot in Australia

marian rivera

We mentioned on our earlier post that Marian Rivera is the newest endorser of Jag Jean‘s premium collection. Now she is set and excited to go to Australia for the photoshop/commercial for the new product!

Check out Marian’s Yutube video clip during her interview on Chikaminute. In the end of the video, Marian Rivera also made a promise that if she wins as the #1 sexiest woman in this year’s FHM tally, she will gamely pose for the magazine. We really think that she is seriously wanting to be on top this year to beat long time rivals Angel Locsin and Katrina Halili.

FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women 2008

marian rivera

Here is the unofficial list of the top 5 FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women for 2008.

Like mentioned, this ranking can still change as the voting is not yet over.

1. Angel Locsin
2. Katrina Halili
3. Marian Rivera
4. Iwa Moto
5. Diana Zubiri

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Sexier and Hotter – Marian Rivera for Jag Jeans

marian rivera

Marian Rivera signed a contract with Jag as the newest female endorser of the premium denim line. The funny thing about it is that the original endorser for the mentioned apparel company was Angel Loscin.

Marian Rivera did not comment of that when asked by the press… She qoutes was quoted:

“I have no comment on that. For me I am happy that many people trust me and I want to thank Jag for trusting me of course,”

More information can be found here

An Orchid for Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin

With the rising popularity of Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin, their rivalry and of course the ever continuing controversy with the two young hot actresses of today, the Ochid Lois dot com blog will mostly chronicles all the things that is happening with the two most popular sexy icon of Philippine TV.

Of course, this blog will still be about entertainment (mostly Local Philippine showbiz entertainment information) but if there’s something to talk about or something worth mentioning about Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin, these ladies comes first…

With that… Let’s begin…