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Cory Aquino Diagnosed with Cancer?

cory aquino colon cancerWe just heard that our former President was diagnosed recently with colon cancer.

This finding was later announced to the press by daughter and local celebrity Kris Aquino. She said that prior to the findings, her 75-year old mother has been hospitalized after suffering from high blob pressure, difficulty breathing and fever during the Christmas and New Year holidays, then a loss of appetite and weight loss.

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Sugar-Free Gum, One Way of Loosing Weight

Chewing sugar-free gums has been proven to remove unwanted weight, based on the studies conducted by two German doctors.

Now,  this may sound like a news from heaven, but this may bring more problems that it’s suppose to solve. Chewing these kinds of gums can cause weight loss of up to 20% of a person’s normal body weight!

Test shows that doing this method causes extreme cases of diarrhea up to twelve times per day! That’s a lot of fluid! I’m guessing that the weight loss is for the fact that you’ll be loosing plenty of body fluids and not burning fats.

Another test was done on a middle-aged man, and same symptoms  showed. He gained back his ‘normal’ weight upon cessation of gum chewing.

I still stick to diet and exercise, thank you very much.. (as if I’m doing it. 🙂

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