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Myterious Absense of Lara Precious in Wowowee

lara precios Quigaman

Nabalitaan nyo na ba ang misteryosong pagkawala ng ating Miss International 2005 na si Lara Precious Quigaman sa Noontime Show na Wowowee? hayy.. na naman..
Ayon ngayon sa bali-balita ang dahilan daw ay selos, dahil lang sa pagdala ni Lara ng kanyang non-showbiz boyfriend sa hawaii na kamakailan lang ay galing ang cast ng Wowowee doon.. diumano daw ang matagal ng type ni Willie si Lara kaya tsinugi ito sa kanilang programa na sadyang ikinagulat daw ng aktres.. hhmm?? alam na kaya ito ni Joey “tira” de Leon.. hehehe.. Peace men! 🙂

Everyone’s Talking About Delfin DJ Montano

jd-brianI have no idea who DJ Montano is really. It’s just lately that I heard this name… Heard it a lot that made me google it just to have a clue what’s the fuzz is all about.

Now I have a vague idea. DJ Montano, a Filipino socialite is the (ex) lover of Brian Gorrelle.

Apparently Mr. DJ Montano stole(?)/scammed(?) someone’s else’s Brian Gorrell‘s money amounting to $70,000! That’s a lot moolah dude! And now, this Australian National is blogging all about what happened plus a little more on-the-side information. On his blog several people have been implicated, among them Tim Yap, Celine Lopez, among others.

This is just a story still brewing to become way much more.. probably bigger to the Kristen Call Girl scandal in New York.

Picture source

Ashley Alexandra Dupre


Ashley Alexandra Dupre, is the 22-year old girl from New Jersey who apparently brought one of the powerful man in New York – Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, more popularly known as “Kristen” was the main reason why the Governor of New York stepped down from office. The two of them were involved in a sexual scandal.

Her MyPage was brought down after the scandal was announced because of more that 5 million visits on her page. From here MySpace page, she was knows to hail from, like I said in New Jersey who left home because of a broken family to pursue her dream career which is to be a singer. That’s when she head on to New York. Court papers allege that Spitzer paid thousands of dollars for her services with the Emperor’s Club VIP!

Also, since this scandal broke out, thousands and thousand downloaded her song from his Myspace page… probably another reason why her page is down.

Thousands of dollars for her service huh? That’s a great way to earn big bucks! Well, she is gorgeous is she not?

Raymond Gutierrez on “Lani Snobs Ruffa” Issue

raymond gutierrezThis “Lani Mercado snob Ruffa Gutierrez” issue has been going on and has been the talk of everyone (who’s interested in local showbiz) for the past week!

“‘Mond, napahiya ako” was what Ruffa said to Raymond that day when Ruffa and Lani met in some occasion.

This afternoon on the show Showbiz Central, Ruffa Gutierrez’ brother Raymond issued a comment on the said issue also asking everyone to stop talking about since it’s getting out of hand already.

Marian Rivera and Katrina Halili… Kiss and Make Up… Again

maria rivera katrina haliliNext week will be the final week of GMA 7’s number one prime time TV show, Marimar, which stars Marian Rivera with Dingdong Dantes and Katrina Halili.

Last couple of weeks ago there have been rumors (or not, cause it’s true) that Marian and Katrina don’t really get along during the shoot of their TV show. Both of them confirmed that they don’t really talk much to each other.

Then news got out that they were closest of friends again…and now here’s the freshest news… they are snubbing one another again during the final days of shoot of the show.

Come girls… cherish every minute of the show,.. sayang oras, matatapos na… You girls don’t want to part ways with bitterness don’t you?

Ruffa Gutierrez Snobs Lani Mercado

I’m not sure too…

That’s what I’ve heard on StarTalk this afternoon. It was mentioned by Pia Guano.

DJ Mo’s have a point… Are we required to greet everyone we meet in any place even when you are not that close?