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Wapakman – MMFF 2009

“Wapakman” is a fantasy movie and is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2009.

It stars boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. Other members of its cast include Rufa Mae Quinto, Bianca King, Krista Ranillo, Polo Ravales, Jon Hall, Jojo Alejar, Onyok Velasco, Leo Martinez, Allan “Mura” Padua, Benjie Paras, Long Mejia, Keanna Reeves, Michelle O’Bombshell, John Manalo, Mica Torre, Edinburgh Kyle Balili, Jairus Aquino, Miguel magalong, Cha Cha Canete, and Barbie Forteza. It is directed by Topel Lee.

Ang Darling Kong Aswang Official Entry – MMFF 2009

Ang Darling Kong Aswang is an Official Entry in the coming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF 2009) .It stars Vic Sotto and Cristine Reyes. Other cast members include Jean Garcia, Agot Isidro, Dante Rivero, Jackie Rice, Denise Laurel, Empress Schuck, Richie D’ Horsie, Rafael Rosell, Mika dela Cruz, Barbie Forteza, Wally Bayola, Allan K, Joonee Gamboa, Luz Fernandez, Gian Sotto, Jenny Miller, Shalala, Tita Swarding, and Mosang. Special guest stars include Joey de Leon, Oyo Sotto, Jacky Woo and Pia Guanio. It is directed by Tony Reyes.

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Nobody Nobody but Juan! Official Entry MMFF 2009

Nobody Nobody but Juan! Official Entry Metro Manila Film Festival which stars Dolphy! MMFF 2009 “Nobody Nobody but Juan!” is a comedy movie and is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2009.

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Vicky Belo versus Boy Abunda

This Vicky Belo versus Boy Abunda issue has been in the news for a few days now and I think its worth a while to mention here. First heard the statement not from Vicky Belo or the TV show but from my wife who’s been watching the showbiz tv show that time…

Here’s what we read:

Popular cosmetic surgeon and “Doctor to the Stars” Vicky Belo sitting in as guest in GMA 7’s Showbiz Central for an interview with Mo Twister last Sunday, February 22, made a comment against talent manager/TV host, Boy Abunda.

“And I’d like to say, if you want to look like Boy Abunda, then go to Calayan. But if you like to look like Dingdong Dantes and Piolo Pascual, come to Belo.” said Belo.

In response to Belo, Abunda said in ABS-CBN’s Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN): “Matagal na panahon kaming nagsama ni Vicki. And Vicki, if you’re watching, alam mo na kahit kailan, kahit kailan, hindi ako namuhunan sa gandang panlabas. Alam mo, namuhunan ako ng lakas ng loob, sipag, tiyaga, dasal. At Vicki, wala akong ilusyong maganda ako, wala akong ilusyon. Pero wala rin sinumang may karapatang manlait sa aking pagkatao.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Manny Calayan fires back at rival Belo for her comment. “We are behind Boy Abunda, 101 percent. We understand his feelings and reactions to the ridiculing and insulting remarks he sustained from Dra. Belo. Promoting one’s business or services by stepping on someone was uncalled for,” said Calayan.

Another crazy thing that Dr. Calayan mentioned is that Dingdong Danter was from Calayan group before..We made him that way… one shot for Vicky Belo I guess.

Annabelle Rama is “Monster Mom”!

annabelle ramaIf you guys haven’t heard yet, Ruffa Guiterrez’ mom – Annabelle Rama –  will star on a movie project by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Films.

And suitably enough the title of the movie is “Monster Mom”. Is this a true story you may ask? Or is it even based on a true story? Or is it even based on HER life story? Nope, I don’t think so (but that is always a possibility)… 😀

Here’s the result of her first shooting day: “Unang-una, sa nerbiyos ko talaga nakalimutan ko ang dialogue ko samantalang sa bahay minamani-mani ko ang script ko.” And and put some visayan accent to that line and it will always makes me smile… I love seeing her on TV.. If she’s on TV, that’s entertainment! 😀

Anyway, I don’t know it this movie will be a hit we’ll just have to wait and see then.. 🙂

Good luck “Monster Mom!

Janina San Miguel Vedio and Bb. Pilipinas 2008 Winners!

janina san miguel bb. pilipinas worldHere’s the freshest news that is also the topic discussion of every parlor, barberya, binguhan, lugawan and other places (nope, not the “Lani Mercado snobs Ruffa Gutierrez”, it’s so yesterday’s news)…  It’s the Bb. Pilipinas 2008 winners and of course Bb. Pilipinas 2008 Ms. World herself… Janina San Miguel!

Who says you can’t win a beauty pageant if you can’t speak proper English? Well, here’s the proof once again! Only in Philippines! (Well, there is Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007 )

See the vedio below…

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Alicia Mayer, Pregnant!!


Over the weekend, you probably saw Alicia Mayer on every local showbiz talk show telling everyone that she’s pregnant!

I say, so what gurl? Here’s what I felt during those time that I saw your statement on TV… Why in heaven are you telling about your pregnancy? Come on.. who cares?

You are so ‘artista’… ang arte sobra.. 🙂

Gretchen Baretto Stinks!

gretchen cojuangcoBut I’m sure she smells real nice… she just stinks at singing.. come on!

I’m currently watching her in StarTalk, and she’s singing… “Please don’t ask me what am i thinking…..” and geez, I thought to myself, why did she ever made an album?

Answer? Coz, she has to work hard for the money.. hehehe, with her separation with Mr. Tony Boy Cojuangco.. 🙂

Work work work..

Master of the Alphabet

Here’s my son showing off his old talent… He knows the whole alphabet! This was taken some time second week february but he knows his ABCs way way before.. during his 20th month is my guess.

Is he great or what? Manang mana… 🙂

Sensya na, medyo out of sync ung audio.

“Joaquin Bordado”

Joaquin Bordado or Joaquin Apacible is a story of the adventure of a man who is an assassin by profession but in disquise as a sales man.Based on the commercial I saw on GMA 7, looks like this Joaquin Bordado character has powers beyond any mortal man (naks)! With this powers, Joaquin gets a new life and faces challenges as the chosen heir who will continue the mission to defend the good from the evil elements in the world.

Also from the commercial, we can see that the animal tattoo from Bordado’s body are coming into life! Side kick siguro sa pakikipag laban sa mga bad guys! Go Idol!

Joaquin Bordado airs on the Kapuso Network starting on Monday, February 11, during GMA-7’s Telebabad block right after Marimar.

Business or Product Name?

I’m writing in behalf of my wife… Last January 17, 2007 we went to see her OB/GYNE for her regular/weekly checkup. We went to the groceries afterwards…

We found this all around spraying container with a nice name…

orchid lois

To bad, my wife can’t use it on her business… Name taken. 🙂