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Susan Boyle Final Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

Everyone is excited to see the finale or final performance of Britain’s Got Talent’s greatest finalist, Susan Boyle… Here are some places in the internet where you can watch Susan Boyle’s performance online.

The performance finale of “Britain’s Got Talent” will air live on British TV Saturday from 3:20-4:50 p.m. EDT.. but since I am pretty sure not all readers here are in the UK, the internet is the next best thing to use in watching Susan Boyle performs.

Youtube: It’s been good enough for more than 60 million viewers thus far. Videos of Boyle’s performance will be uploaded both by the show and by users immediately afterward.

The official web site: Videos will also rapidly be posted at: http://talent.itv.com/

Hop a flight to London: It will be easy to find there. Ratings have shown that half of those watching TV at the time of “Britain’s Got Talent” in the U.K. have been tuning into the show. Last minute round-trip flights from New York to London were starting upwards of $1,000 as of Thursday night.