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Freudbox.com Sigmund Freudbox Videos

This post is about Freudbox. You may know the great philosopher Sigmund Freud, but this is not him, this is no about him. This is about Freudbox. Not just anyone’s box.. it’s Freudbox.

Freudbox.com Sigmund Freudbox Videos.

This is just a draft post about Freudbox and I will attend to this later. I just want to move myself. When I see this again, I’ll put my attention to it then.. But for now, this is my initial Freudbox videos post. Warning.. Do not go there.. Do not go to Freudbox.com if you’re not mature enough or below 18 years old.

Annabelle Rama preempts Pardo family’s move to file complaint against Richard Gutierrez


Kahapon, July 23, nakatanggap ng impormasyon ang PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na magsasampa ng reklamo ang pamilya ni Nomar Pardo, partikular na ang asawa nitong si Lorayne, laban sa aktor na si Richard Gutierrez.

Si Nomar ang personal assistant ng aktor na nasawi sa vehicular accident na naganap noong May 22 sa Silang, Cavite. Si Richard ang nagmamaneho ng Nissan GTR sports car nang mangyari ang aksidente.

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OrchidLois is Back!

Holy Sh!#$%tt! I’m back! Orchid lois is back! Orchid lois dot com is back to the SERP! Orchidlois.com is back to Google SERP!

Good think we kept this blog alive even though the posts are 98% recycled Google still considered it as a credible resource of Philippine/Pinoy Showbiz and entertainment news!

Thanks! Well, we’re back!

Do You Yahhoo?


This article is to help those internet surfers who are trying super hard to find one of the super search engine on the web – Yahhoo… errr.. Yahoo!

Yes, that’s exactly what this post is: to help you out and point you to the right direction, or should I say… spelling… Yahhoo is the incorrect spelling. It is actually “Yahoo!” .. Yes, the exclamation mark included!

My Yutube, Utube and YoTube Account!

It’s my turn to join the YuTube or YoTube band wagon.. 😀 (actually, this is just to boost up my other Yutube post… ssshh, don’t tell anybody)

There’s this SEO thingy started by macuha.com about the keywords: Yutube, Utube and Yotube (and some other variation of that misspelled word)

Looks like there are people who are searching for Youtube but typing the name wrong… hence, Yutube! If you are one of those people, the correct spelling is YouTube! It’s www.youtube.com man, how stupid can you be? 🙂 joke! Cheers!

Nokia 95 and WordPress Blogs

I’m not sure how Nokia 95 works with regards to posting blog post running WordPress but I think the phone has an application that is dedicated in making blog post for WordPress.

I’ve been using smartphones powered by Windows Mobile for several years now. I connect to the internet tru GPRS (Smart). Since these phones integrates Internet Explorer, I usually browse the internet using it.

I tried creating a a post using an XDA Zinc but I experienced problems. Maybe using the application on N95, which is dedicated to WordPress, will make it a lot easier.

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OrchidLois.com hosted at 000Webhost.com

Orchidlois.com is an $8.00 domain registered at GoDaddy.com last December 30, 2007.

Original plan was to get a domain and get a free web hosting company to host the content. I did find some sites that offers such a service but they either have pop ups or the domain must be at least 60 days old.

Though I prefer to use WordPress as my blog interface, I was ‘forced’ to use Blogger.

Then I found out about 000webhost.com through a blogger friend.

000Webhost.com features

I was first in doubt about the features that 000webhost.com claims they have. Reading the list of features I was really eager to try them out (which I did).

Here are the main features that made me register:

  • 250 MB of Disk Space – That’s more than enough for now. I have several webhost alread and the typical packages that I availed are 100MB
  • 100 GB Bandwidth! – Again, more that enough. Current ones I have only offers 6to 8GB a month
  • Full Domain Hosting – This is the feature I was looking for in the first place. Though they offer free subdomain, they can also host your own.
  • cPanel Powered Hosting
  • Host unlimited domains!
  • Over 500 website templates – But I uploaded and install WordPress
  • Free POP3 Email Box – contemplating of using this one too
  • Full Webmail access – this too
  • PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.

There. Pretty nice stuff for a free service huh? I suggest you get one yourself.