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Call Center Behaviors: Trending Behaviour.

1. The Slouching Employee

While waiting for the calls (agents), most employee simply slouch even without dakine backpack, Or even when a quality analyst listens to a call, he slouches as a form of relaxation. This has been trending in call centers whenever agents have their free time so this is quite easy to do.

2. Ergonomics Fanatics
Call centers are known to provide their employees good working chairs to promote ergonomics. An ideal chair has a comfortable armrest and adjustable height. It should also have proper bak support. The ergonomics is really being studied by call center employees. Those fans of ergonomic simply copies the behavior in sitting in terms of what is most advisable.

3. The Noise club
During the avail time or times when calls are not in high volumes, the agents start to prattle and create noise all over the place. This behavior is not new among the call center. And in one way or another, you will be tempted to throw in your noisy feedbacks too.

So these behaviors when traced are probably observed IN call center employees.

Legendary Guitar Maker, Les Paul Dies

Here’s full length documentary for the legendary guitar maker, Les Paul who died of pneumonia complication today. He was 94.

Eraserheads, Jynx?

Tomorrow night, Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Markus Adoro will be performing as The Eraserheads in teh second  part of their One-NIght Reunion Concert called “The Final Set“.

Today, the Philippines’ Master Rapper, Francis Magalona, has died of blood cancer. He was supposed to be a special guest for the Eraserheads The Final Concert in Mall of Asia Concert Ground.

If you can remember the Eraserheads One Night Reunion Concert last August 2008, you may recall that a day before the concert, Ely Buendia’s mom died.

Then it pops to mind.. is the Eraserheads jynx or something?

Eraserheads “The Final Set” Concert!

Pinoy Banda has posted the update for the awaited part 2 of the Eraserhead’s One night reunion concert. You can read all about it in there

So what’s the update about? It’s the location of the Eraserheads “THe Final Set” concert.. this is the part 2 of the One Night Only Reunion Concert..

SM Mall of Asia concert grounds to host Eraserheads concert on March 7

Tentatively titled The Final Set, the concert will once again feature Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Buddy Zabala, and Raimund Marasigan on one stage.

The band’s first reunion concert last August 30, 2008 at the Bonifacio Global City open field in Taguig ended abruptly after 15 songs when lead singer Buendia suffered chest pains and had to be rushed to the hospital. The legendary quartet was supposed to perform 30 of their original songs, which comprise the bulk of their entire catalog.

TOTALLY DIFFERENT. All four members graced the press conference and though the band retained that trademark nonchalance in answering questions, they collectively expressed excitement about playing together anew as one unit in front of a large audience.

“Playing with these guys is just like riding a bike,” enthused Buddy. “You come on stage, remember all the old songs. It’s pretty normal. But it became more exciting, a lot more exciting, when people started counting down and people started singing.”

A in the first installment, the one-night affair will feature only the Eraserheads with Jazz Nicholas of the Itchyworms serving as auxiliary musician to complement the arrangement of some of the songs. When they were still active as a group, the Eraserheads used to enlist the services of multi-instrumentalist Noel Garcia to tighten their live set. Unfortunately, Noel passed away a few years ago after a heart attack.

Raimund dismissed the impression that the upcoming event will only serve as a continuation of the first reunion. He argued that the band and the production team prepared something new and different from last year’s concert.

The fact that preparations are being laid out this early also means that the concert is more organized. MTV announced that further details will be made public in the coming weeks.

As for Ely’s health, the enigmatic singer-songwriter assured the press that he’s doing fine.

“I’m just doing all that I can to prepare myself physically, at least,” said Ely, who just like his former comrades came to the presscon sporting a pair of dark shades. He confidently added, “So far, yeah, I’m in good condition to play.”

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Cannival Cheerleader

What a gruesome thing to name an all female band, huh? Well, I say it’s a perfect name for a rock band and they are one of the best in what they do.

Anyway, this is a South by Southwest update post and it’s all about Cannival Cheerleader.. Here’s what we read:

The lineup for the SXSW 2009 is slowly building, with a recent announcement naming Cannibal Cheerleader favorites like Ben Harper, the Courteneers, Beach House, White Lies, and the awesome Ra Ra Riot.

Check out the rest of the released lineup here and be prepared for an awesome SXSW 2009. Any other blogs out there want to do a joint Cannibal Cheerleader/OtherBlog party? Let me know!

Ely Buendia, Alive And Kicking! Now Promoting!

After two months of rest, Ely Buendia is now back to normal, promoting THe Pupil’s second single on their second album, “Wildlife”.

Last Saturday was one long saturday for Ely Buendia.. It started when ELy Buendia performs with Francis Magalona on Eat BUlaca with the song Super PRoxy (which was suppose to be in the second set of their Eraserheads Reunion Concert).

Now Ely Buendia is bouncing back… here’s what we read:

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Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia is now in stable condition assures manager

The much anticipated one night reunion concert of the Eraserheads was cut short when legendary frontman/lead singer of the group collapse during a 20-minute break of their first set performance.

Ely Buendia was reportedly rushed to the Makati Medical Center around 10:00pm and transfered to the Philippine Heart Center at 1:00am the next day, Sunday.

Latest update reports that Ely Buendia is now in a stable condition… Here’s what we read:

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Marron 5 MP3/Song Downloads

This is the very first time that OrchidLois.com offers a song or an mp3 download. So get one now! 🙂

Now more than a month ago, Marron 5 held a very successful Philippine concert! This was last March 5, 2008 in fact! Sadly, I was not able to see them because of very important matters.

Anyway, enough about me. Thanks for dropping this page, and as promised here’s the link to some of Marron 5‘s best singles: