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Marian Rivera is FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the Philippines

marian rivera fhm no. 1

FHM 100 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines has been concluded! The big winner? Ms. Marian Rivera!

Congratulations to Marian Rivera for topping the list and likewise to Ms. Katrina Halili for placing 2nd… Of course congrats also to Ms. Angel Locsin!

For me, all you gals are super sexy! And all of you are on my list!

Angel Locsin & Folded and Hung at Trinoma Mall!

angel locsin

Darn it! Angel Locsin was in Ayala Trinoma Activity Center yesterday endorsing Folded and Hung lines of clothes!

Yes, Angel Locsin is the New Folded and Hung endorser.

Dang it! I missed the show! She must have been super sexy and super goddess that day kahit may super typhoon pang Frank na yan!

Haayy.. she’s super sexy!

KC Concepcion Vs. Angel Locsin

angel locsin

There’s an ongoing poll at Asian Pop Corn, about which is better endorser for Avon Philippines… KC Concepcion or Angel Locsin.

As of this writing, Angel Locsin is winning with 2 votes! 😀

Go there and vote who you think is better!

Good luck to both of them!

Update.. June 18, Angel with 17 votes while KC has 7!

Angel Locsin, No. 1 on Maxim’s Hot 100!

angel locsin maxim's hot 100

Angel Locsin has conquered the list of Maxim’s Top 100 Hottest Women inside and outside of Philippine Showbiz for the year 2008!

Congratulations Angel Locsin!

Angel Locsin, Latest Endorser for Folded and Hung

angel locsin

While Marian Rivera now represented Jag Jean‘s (premium collections), Angel Locsin did not lose that much face from Marian Rivera since she will now be joining the existing endorsers of Folded and Hung.

Claudine Baretto is the original and the pioneer star endorser of Folded and Hung, a line of clothing. Maja Salvador on the other hand replaced Claudine temporarily as she gave birth to Santino.

These stars never run out of things to endorse and sell… If I was them, I would endorse my own line of products! 😀

An Orchid for Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin

With the rising popularity of Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin, their rivalry and of course the ever continuing controversy with the two young hot actresses of today, the Ochid Lois dot com blog will mostly chronicles all the things that is happening with the two most popular sexy icon of Philippine TV.

Of course, this blog will still be about entertainment (mostly Local Philippine showbiz entertainment information) but if there’s something to talk about or something worth mentioning about Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin, these ladies comes first…

With that… Let’s begin…