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March 18, 2013

Call Center Behaviors: Trending Behaviour.

1. The Slouching Employee

While waiting for the calls (agents), most employee simply slouch even without dakine backpack, Or even when a quality analyst listens to a call, he slouches as a form of relaxation. This has been trending in call centers whenever agents have their free time so this is quite easy to do.

2. Ergonomics Fanatics
Call centers are known to provide their employees good working chairs to promote ergonomics. An ideal chair has a comfortable armrest and adjustable height. It should also have proper bak support. The ergonomics is really being studied by call center employees. Those fans of ergonomic simply copies the behavior in sitting in terms of what is most advisable.

3. The Noise club
During the avail time or times when calls are not in high volumes, the agents start to prattle and create noise all over the place. This behavior is not new among the call center. And in one way or another, you will be tempted to throw in your noisy feedbacks too.

So these behaviors when traced are probably observed IN call center employees.

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