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Talking Too Much is Dangerous

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One of the most common mistakes that new network marketers make is that they are too excited and tend to blurt out words, they talk too much which is most often referred to as ‘verbal diarhrea’.

Remember this: The less you say the more they want to hear. Put some suspense in the presentation. Just throw out the thought and make them do the work to find out more. Give them your card or website and tell them to research it for themselves.


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Man of Steel Day – Independence Day

man of steelThe whole family went to the mall today to catch the newest Superman movie franchise. This is actually a whole reboot of the movie – new stars, new story (sort of), new fx and all other stuff that are new.

We head on over to SM Fairview 10:30am and watched the first screening at 11:15, cinema 12 🙂 (detailed as possible huh, right Eli?) :_

Anyway, the wife enjoyed the movie and I’m hoping the kids did, too. I thought the movie has too much destruction and not enough story (love story) for Lois and Clark.. the movie would probably be a lot longer that it is at 2 hours or so.

I love the flashback style of story telling and the Man of Steel is that type of movie. There are a number flashbacks where CK’s childhood was presented to the story.

I think the Php800 ticket price was worth it (yeah, we did not watched it in 3D.. that is how cheap I am)