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LJ reyes and Paolo Avelino are expecting for their baby

It was confirm that the young star is indeed preggy, with another starstruck alumni as the father of the baby.

It was said that LJ is 6 months pregnant and will be flying to New York, where her mother is based, to give birth to the big apple. According to a source the couple revealed the news to their family during the Christmas season and the families of them are very supportive in keeping the baby.

The couple decided to came out with the truth  because they don’t want to fool their fans.  Whatch the couple as they tell their stories and plans this weekend on GMA 7′ Showbiz talk shows,  Startalk and Shobiz Central.

Sam Pinto choosed acting over hosting

The model turned housemate turned star turned down the offer to be the host of a popular TV show, Wowowee.

According to her, the reason she turned it down is that she want to focus on her acting career. She said that it was her dream to be an actress. There are also speculations that the reason that Sam turn the offer down is because she is romantically link with the main ma, Willie Revillame. She also been dubbed as  Mrs. Wowowee, but said she and Willie remain good friends. This beautiful young lady is gearing up for her newest TV project “Elias Paniki” with her former suitor, Jake Cuenca.

Ai-ai and aga in a new sitcom

The matinee idol and the comedy queen were set to do a romantic-comedy sitcom at ABS-CBN. According to the comedy queen Ai-ai de las alas, there is still not tentative date yet when to show will be shown and it will be shoot at Tagaytay City and will be directed by Jeffrey Jeturian. As per the Matinee Idol, Aga Muhlach, when asked if he’s will to have kissing with Ai-ai, he answered, “I don’t mind. Tingnan mo naman si Ai-Ai. Lahat nagpapakamatay diyan. Never naging zero ang love life niyan,” as a phrase to show that he is willing to have that kind of sceen.

Palito passed away

This past few weeks, the Hipolito family were in a dark stage of their lives. This due to the leader of the family was hospitalized and was indeed of financial help for the test he will undergo.

Palito to many of us passed away this morning at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) at 7:05 am after suffering from lung complication problems.  He was schedule to have his CT scan in a nearby clinic in Taft avenue, a few minutes before they will go Reynaldo Hipolito, in real life,  complained of severe pain and after a few hour was declared death according to his son Jhune. Hisremains will lie in state at Funeraria Floresco in Pedro Gil in Manila.

Karylle still hurts on the wardrobe malfunction

A few weeks ago it was Anne Curtis who is in the “lime light” due to her wardrobe malfunction at ASAP XV in Boracay. And after a few weeks of being a “talk of the town”, and Anne decided not to file any case to those who post and re-post her pictures and video,, it was now Karylle’s turn to be in the same spot that Anne had been.

Zsazsa Padilla’s daughter with her former husband, a doctor, is now undergoing the same stand Anne had. According to source Karylle was still hurting in the “nip slip” controversial happen while performing too.

Palito in need

Early this week the news about Palito being brought to the hospital and in need of financial support Reynaldo Hipolito in real life was rush to the hospital due to severe stomach ache. Palito’s family was asking from his former co-actors and friends in showbiz for help.

But in the midst of this unhappy days in the Hipolito family, there are still some people that are making this a joke. Though Palito was in the line of comedy this ain’t a joke, this ain’t a movie or another show that Palito is in.

According to Jhun Hipolito, Palito’s son, they receive hoax text saying that there are from showbiz and was a friend of his father, and asked for their account number and pledge for financial help. but they never received any amount. What makes them wonder is how did those people got their number…

I am appealing to all that this ain’t a joke and this is a matter of life and (hopefully not) death to one of the pioneer and best comedian we had. Let’s not make fun of this. Think of your self being in their place.

Akap Bata reacted on Baby James being involved in Politics

Akap Bata was a party list for Children’s right and welfare. The said partlist reacted on Kris Aquino’s son being active in political campaign.

The video of two years old Baby James was all over the internet. the said video showed that Baby James mentioned “Villar” During a campaign for his uncle in Bacolod last week. It was known to all of us that Villar was one of the strongest contender of Nonoy Aquino.

Because of this incident some people take advantage and had posted picture of Baby James holding placards saying ” secret supporter of Manny Villar”

According to the partylist Baby James was too young to be involve in political world and will have a long term effect on the child.

It isn’t only Juday who is preggy

A month ago ( I guess) the News about Judy Ann Santos’ Pregnancy came, when her husband Ryan Agoncillo announced it on Eat Bulaga. But it wasn’t Juday who is expecting a new baby, more specifically it wasn’t only her in her drama series “May Bukas Pa”. Her best enemy in the show ( and in Mara Clara) but her best friend in real life, Gladys Reyes is also six weeks pregnant. This will be Gladys and her hubby Christopher Roxas’ 3rd baby. The Couple got married last January 23, 2004 after having more than a decade (i think) of gf-bf relationship. The two met during the days of Mara-Clara.

Erich Gonzales at her attitude problem

The young actress denies the allegations regarding the issue about her attitude problem. Erich stressed that the allegations that she is now hard to work with. she said,”May mga tao lang sigurong mga walang magawa sa buhay kung hindi ang manira. Pero kung ‘yon ang gusto nila ok lang bahala sila.” And according to her she is much aware of such issue and that is a consequence that she must face upon entering show business.

Erich was the grand questor in the reality talent search of ABS-CBN Star Circle Teen Quest in 2005. Erich was from Davao City, born Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco last September 20, 1992.

Maria Venus Raj fights for her crown.

As of this writing Maria Venus Raj is having an interview with Boy Abunda at The Buzz. According to her she deserves the crown.

Based on her story,it was her aunt who registered her 3 years after she was born due to the shame her mother had because she was born out of luck. It wasn’t in the rule of Binibining Pilipinas, nor the Miss Universe that her case being born out of luck is not acceptable in those pagents. Her Mother has a Pilipina and her Father is an Indian National that she haven’t seen.

She also ask the Binibining Pilipinas to tell her the real reason for having her dethroned.

Cita Astals “lost it”

Cita Astals, a former actress and city councilor had been “acting weird” lately according to a source. one of her neighbir said she had seen Cita Astals walking around and talking to herself.  The actress admitted that the allegations about her was true, this is according to her from her past experience. Also according to her, she was a victim of land grabber syndicate.

Cita was known for her role as Dolphy’s boss in a more than a decade sitcom home along the riles in the 90’s. She even become a city councilor for three terms. The story of City Astals was featured at GMA7’s Wish Ko Lang a few weeks ago.

Christopher apologized to his wife.

After a “not-so-controversial” outburst on showtime. Christopher Roxas make it up to his wife Gladys Reyes.  The said Outburst was about the supposed to be “showdown” between him and dancer Wowie De Guzman, the couple was the featured judges last in showtime.

According to hm, he needs to say what he feels about his seatmate, that ” nabubuwisit na siya with is wife. after what happen Christpher apologized to his wife also in the same show. And admit that he’s making up with his wife after the incident…

The two were a long time couple before tie-ing the knot and have two children.

Anne curtis decide not to sue

After a week of controversies, a sad and depressing week for Anne Curtis the beautiful actress had decided not to file4 any case against those who published her photos in Boracay. Those photo shows pictures of her with her breast exposed during her production number with her partner (in real?) Sam Milby due to wardrobe malfunction.

Anne’s Father was an Australian Lawyer and advised her that those pressman were gutter, because they’re below the standard of normal press people. Also the actress and host said during her guesting at The Buzz “My dad told me na you’re above all of these. They’re below your dignity. ‘Wag ko na lang silang patulan. Pag-uusapan pa sila if I go through with suing them. Hahaba pa ‘yung issue, so ‘wag na lang.”

Carlene Aguilar confirms her marriage with non-showbiz bf

Former Beauty queen Carlene Aguilar had denied the allegations that she married her non-showbiz boyfriend, Yo Ocampo, last March 14. But after almost 2 weeks she admit tie-ing the knot with Yo. The said wedding took place at Quezon City Hall by Civil rite last June 2009, with some close friends as witnesses.

Carlene had a two titles, Miss Philippine Earth and Bb. Pilipinas World. She was the first representative of our country to Miss Earth in 2001. And in 2004 she take home the crown as Bb. Pilipinas World. But her best trophy as now was her son 2-year-old Calix Adreas, her son with actor Dennis Trillo.

Justin Timberlake in Manila…for the first time?

The past few weeks we’ve been excited about Justin Timberlake coming to our country with Jojo and Timberland. The concert was indeed a big bash…

I heard in a news or two that it was Justin’s first time here in the Philippines. But I guess they were wrong. It wasn’t his first time, as far as I remember he indeed had visit our country years back, a decade and more ago maybe. During that time he was still with N’SYNC and they were not that big during that time, they were just starters.

Sorry but I’m still working out on the evidence to prove it you, But if I haven’t found any evidence, sorry but as for me I think I saw them in one of our local variety show and I wasn’t that fan of them since they were not that popular that time and I remember admiring Chris Kirkpatrict’s face.ahihihi