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June 12, 2014

Arena of Fate Is a MOBA You Would Love

First of all, MOBA is a multiplayer online battle arena where group of players fight against each other and it is much fun compared to MMORPG. The upcoming Arena of Fate from Crytek looks to change the game by removing its complex elements.

You will no longer be left hunting for gold or running to a store to buy upgrades. AoF is much simpler where all you have to do is thrash enemies continuously. It is a five versus five match which doesn’t use complex power ups, armor with +1 functions but simply calls it armor or cloak.

Any minion kill will earn equal points for all five team members and the game ends in just 20 minutes. The team which wins 10 points first will win the match. It’s so simple and you should try it when it comes out.

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