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March 3, 2008

Alicia Mayer, Pregnant!!


Over the weekend, you probably saw Alicia Mayer on every local showbiz talk show telling everyone that she’s pregnant!

I say, so what gurl? Here’s what I felt during those time that I saw your statement on TV… Why in heaven are you telling about your pregnancy? Come on.. who cares?

You are so ‘artista’… ang arte sobra.. 🙂


  1. maldita says:

    eh ano namn kung nag salita si alicia mayer sa tv na buntis sya? pakielam nyo rin ba! congratulations alicia bleesing yang baby mo. GOD BLESS

  2. admin says:

    there is no reason telling the world she’s pregnant diba? I mean, is she that desperate to find some/any kind of publicity?

    come on.

  3. donna says:

    who cares if alicia meyer is pregnant. she had so many men u cant keep up with her!! shes such a trash!! good riddance to u alicia, u user!!

  4. lola says:

    so what happened to your foreign boyfriend Alicia?? isnt he not the father?? u were seeing a foreign guy didnt u? so u finished with him just like that and now ur saying ur pregnant with another guys baby?? did u just use him? to get some money off him.. poor guy!! he got sucked in!!!

  5. kisses and co. says:

    just be sure that you’re telling the truth regarding your bf’s true identity! magpakatotoo ka sister!! u know what i mean…

  6. kat-tee says:

    wag kng manira ng pmilya
    u user, hnap k ng ibang mg2mit moh…….
    ung true lng sbhin moh……..

  7. cat-ee Makat-ee says:

    Ang lakas ng loob!! Ang kapal ng mukha! At tibay ng sikmura!! Paano mo nagagawa makatulog sa bahay ng bf mo, gayong alam mo yun ang bahay nilang mag-asawa! sana lang di mo na broadcast pa yang kalaswaan mo since wala naman nagtatanong at wala din naman interesado kung buntis ka kasi in the end baka ikaw pa magtago sa mga reporter pag na discover mga kasinungalingan mo..

  8. lola says:

    alicia u r nothing but a low life user!!, ur not even good looking!!! and ur personality sucks!!!. u r having a baby? so what!! now u want sympathy???.. no u wont get a sympathy from me u slut!!!…how many abortions did u have? my source said u had so many abortions??? wow! goodluck with that baby.. probably thats the only one ur going to have… how many men have u had? .. u dont seem to have a breathing space with ur relationships! have u no shame at all?

  9. paul says:

    hey somebody told me that the mayor from bocaue is the father of this girl’s baby????
    this mayor’s family live in the states.
    guy (mayor) is from a religious family in bulacan.
    Tag line (praise the lord)
    this guy have 9 something wives…
    poor wife.

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